Welcome to KC Drum lessons!  If you're thinking about drum lessons in or near Kansas City, this is the right place to start.  Drums are probably the most impractical, loudest, bulky, and expensive musical instrument you could ever decide to play.  NICE!!

Drums have always appealed to man's primitive nature.  They've existed longer than any other musical instrument, and are known to have existed since at least 6000 BC.  The first drum sets were put together in the late 1800's, probably because it was easier to pay one guy instead of six.  The set developed as it was used to accompany jazz musicians in New Orleans during the 1920's.  Since that time drums have served as a driving force behind nearly all western styles of music and is still prevalent in cultures all over the world.

I've played and taught all my life, would love to help you discover your inner rock star (or reggae dude?) and turn you loose!  Whether you're a "youngster" just learning in or out of school, or an older guy/gal who wants to pick up where you left off; let's get together.  

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