I was born in Indiana, have lived in South Bend, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, St. Louis, Columbia, and now Kansas City (Spring Hill, KS, to be exact)  My mom got me a Fischer-Price drum when I was four; I promptly beat the head through and didn't see another drum until sixth grade.  There were a lot of kids in 6th grade band wanting to be a drummer, but luckily I was one of the ones chosen.  In the meantime, my parents forced me to take piano lessons against my will; as a form of extreme punishment.  However, they helped me quite a bit.

Took various formal drum lessons from 7th-9th grade.  I actually learned jazz in seventh grade, I thought it was impossible.  But, I got to play a jazz beat on a kit in front of the whole school for a seventh grade concert.  Utter fear of getting off the beat allowed me to get through that one, but I was absolutely fascinated with drums already, and fascinated with people who could actually play them.

Played in both marching band and concert band in high school.  Gigged with amateur rock bands in both high school and college.  The highlight of my high school life was probably "Battle of the Bands".  1988 - OH YAH!  You should've been there :)   Played in concert band briefly in college as well.  Would like to digress and thank all the roommates that had to put up with my drumset, which easily took up half the dorm room I lived in all the years at college.  It was a little loud, as well.  Memories of the vibrations rattling things right off the shelves.  Good times.

Played with a band out of college (the same guys I played with in college), more like a sporadic reunions actually, but kept up my own playing / learning as much as possible.  Finally put a CD together with those guys.  Eventually signed on with Guitar Source, and taught from 2000-2011.  Shifted gears and started using my drum talents more for Christ and not self glorification.  Life is not easy.  There are struggles, heartbreaks, and mistakes.  But, there is also victory.  God makes all things right through Christ.  Why turn that down?  Life is hard enough.  I feel He's the one worthy of praise.

I truly enjoy teaching, and hope to have that opportunity with you.  Have always enjoyed the relational aspect of teaching; it just so happens drums is the topic.  I try to best learn how the student learns, and it's been nothing short of a total blast for many years.  I've met several interesting, shy, cool, outgoing, eccentric, psychotic, and hilarious people over the years.  See my contact page for info on how to reach me.  I've got two drumsets here in Spring Hill, and can make house calls as well, after my day job is over!

Currently in a band "Doulos" which is "Christian progressive rock" if I had to label it.  Get updates on band gigs at either www.doulosband.com or www.facebook.com/drumlessonswithdennis  

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